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How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

Lethal Traps

The best way to get rid of rats on your property is to get rid of any access to food or shelter. Rats are attracted to pet food and bird seed as well as garbage and pet excrement. Garbage and food should be stored in metal, glass, ceramic or industrial strength plastic containers. You will want to seal any access to your house as even tiny holes allow young mice and rats to squeeze through. Rats will enter any opening they can fit their head through.

Some people believe a technique to get rid of rats from an area is to utilise fabric softener sheets for the dryer especially the "Bounce" brand spread round the area. A few individuals say that you can use "Lifebuoy soap" which has phenol to get rid of rats. Cut the soap into chunks and hang it in muslin or other fabric bags. You can also buy a package of cheese cloth at a grocery store, cut it into squares and gather up the perimeters and tie them to form a bag. You must replace these products often to be sure they're effective.

The old-fashioned snap traps are doubtless one of the most effect and kind-hearted methods to get rid of rats. Snap traps kill right away and are more humanitarian than the slow death caused by poison or glue based traps.

Live Traps

If you would like to get rid of rats from your house without harming them you can use a live trap. Live traps are usually available from humane societies and feed stores. The best thing is to put the trap out and set it so that the door will not close at first so that the rats will become used to eating from it. The best bait is peanut butter put direct on the treadle. When you know rats are eating the bait you can set the trap. Doing it this way insures the rat doesn't accidentally set the trap off before he is going in. If the trap goes off before the rat is comfortable the rat may never go in the trap again.

Once caught to get rid of rats you can't just let them go in forest or field. They must have source of water as well as when they are around water they're going to be able to find things to eat such as insects worms snails fish frogs etc. So the number one place to release them is at a permanent source of water such as a stream river lake or pond. If you let them free too near to your home they'll Return. Easy food makes it hard to get rid of rats. In most parts of the country the common wild rats are Norway rats Rattus norvegicus also called brown sewer or barn rats. In warmer climates the roof rat Rattus rattus also called the black rat or tree rat can be found and is usually the most typical wild rat in these areas. To get rid of rats, they must be released in an area where there is water and trees.

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